Description of the online slot Mythic Maiden

This is a game product from a reputable manufacturer of slot machines – Net Entertainment. The online Slote Mythic Maiden is really dark and disturbing. Music and graphic design of gambling create the right atmosphere. If you’re not afraid of anything, then we’ll continue and get Mythic Maiden on a home computer and prepare for a free online game. In the Mythic Maiden slot, players will be sent to the old, abandoned loft filled with all sorts of different relics. All the wealth in the attic were once collected lovers of antiquity. Main player’s task – to find an artifact called “Mythic Maiden.”

In addition to the coveted “Mythic Maiden” players will see in the attic trunks with skulls, beetles with red crosses on the back of the book with bony hands, skulls, monsters.

The exterior of Slot “The Mystic Maiden”:

Here the wind is howling and the full moon illuminates the gloomy atmosphere through the cracks in the roof and dim windows. Yes … To the gloomy attic you look during the full moon, when the effect of the dark forces gain the greatest power. Hardly at the slot machine look Mystic virgin, you will immediately find yourself in the grip of a mystical influence. Blue background screen on which to recognize the outlines of eerie objects in the shade crimson tides resembling traces of blood. Locked door-lock, made in a shape of the ancient virgins, concentrated, and the tense atmosphere.

Ominously mysterious music, creaking drums and howling of the wind, as the background selected, fit perfectly into the design, making the game of chance “Mystic Maiden” a truly mysterious.

Various symbols in gambling

Special symbols are scatter and wild symbol in the game. Scatter – a shimmering line of red and blue. At least three of these characters start with a round of free spins. If the winning combination is scattered five, the player will receive thirty free spins. For four scatter sets fifteen turns and 3 to 10.

Wild symbol is a skull in the window. Such scary skull window can replace any sign machine, except the scatter. The winning combinations with the wild symbol participation prize is tripled.

Play the Mythic Maiden machines online for free and without signing up and going for real money training. Enjoy the game and get many winnings!

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