Description of the online slot  Monster Lab

What can this slot represent you?

Chemistry is a great science, but for those who work with it, be careful because chemistry can be extremely dangerous. This bitter experience convinced Professor from an online slot called “Monster Lab”. Fictional character, developed by the company’s developer EvoPlay, is considered a victim of his own risky experiments, as a result of which he turned into a real mutant. Now he has spent tremendous effort to find a tool that can restore his original appearance.

We invite you to test this online free slot and track the progress of an erratic scientist and also get real money winnings in the game.

Main information about the online slot

This slot presents the usual pictures, special pictures with special features, free spins, bonus rounds on slots and many other features that we will discuss later in this post.

Their main objective is that you must get many payouts. They are preserved in different ways. The most important thing is to gather the formation of continuous rows of identical images. They should be with the first roll on the left side starting from the active lines. However, only the longest sequence on a single volume gives a price, but in different positions in a round can be a couple of paid options. Some elements do not work according to these rules. Their stories are told below.

The payments are calculated at the height of the line. It is multiplied by the coefficient given for each of the possible combinations in a specific table. They range from x5 to H5000. All money loaded for a spin, you can immediately transfer to the main account, or put them in a round at risk, to double.

This game is still further held, which corresponds to the general category of slots. You will be in the lab, where you will participate in the experiment. Your goal is to guess who will be the result of the chemical experiment: professor or monster. If you answer correctly, the payment will double. If you make a mistake, you lose money. You can play this game many times online for free and without deposits. In addition, a game for real money waiting for you!

Good luck!

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