Description of the online slot Magic Portals

Magic Portals online and without registration and deposit

Real magic, witches, wizards, love potion, and a lot of different things will send you to the portal, where there is a lot of the unknown, and of course a big win in the online slot Magic Portals.

Magic Slot Magic Portals

All magical heroes, spells, and magic are collected in a free slot called Magic Portals. There you will meet the witches, magical dragons and oxen and also the potion magic ball, a sea of ​​fire and unsurpassed emotion in a fantastic world. In order to be able to feel good in the magical forest, among the wild animals, people and events, you first have to test this gambling online for free. This will be Excellent education and a basis for real interest on the real money. But to become rich, you must appease the witches and wizards, mythical creatures – with all their demands and rituals.

The online slot is rich in bright and fantastic graphics and beautiful musical score, sound effects. Start playing – do not regret it, as a multitude of graphic effects found in any machine.

The slot machine has 5 reels and 25 lines where and a winning combination create slot: each has its price. Wild symbol – the ball called “wild” bright flame colored. This symbol can replace missing symbol on the payline. The larger the separated character, the higher the gain. The interface is clear and easy to use, you can understand it immediately.

Additional game

The lucky players are also waiting for an interesting game. You have to catch the same symbols in a circle with pink nebulas that are automatically transformed into the wild and give a good win.

The game is pretty addicting, so the developers have decided that the bonus game is not required here. But once you’ve managed to catch the scatter, the bonus environment of the drum is guaranteed, as they are known will only increase the chances of winning.

By and large, you can now test this exciting slot online or for real money. Bright emotions are guaranteed! An exciting game and a great opportunity to awaken the desire is not so far as this is a real win, and then the first bet on making the money.

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